Ministry of Health location data for Rwanda reused on

Team Sobanukirwa are very pleased to see the first example of data being reused after being requested through our new access to information website in Rwanda.

In January, researcher Mark Herringer used to request health care location data for every hospital, health post and rural healthcare clinic in Rwanda from the Ministry of Health.

With help from Nathan Mugume, the information officer at the Ministry of Health, Mark was able to get hold of the information he needed and details of all these health care locations has now been added to

This website is the brainchild of the Global Healthsites Mapping Project, an “initiative to create an online map of every health facility in the world”.

Thanks to Mark’s request, the health care location details are also available for anyone to download for free from the Sobanukirwa website in case this information is of use to other health-related projects in Rwanda.

We hope to see a lot more examples like this in the future where information requested and released via Sobanukirwa helps others to build useful websites or to help people to be more informed about Rwanda.


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